Roman playwright, Plautus, once classically said, “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words,” and while we couldn’t agree more, we’d like to add that classic sounds and delicious Sunday Roasts should also get a look in. 

As The Edinburgh Castle is now in full swing with Sydney city dwellers far and near buzzing through our doors, we’ve designed a list of events to keep you on your toes and on your bar stools. 

Here’s what’s new and noteworthy at The Eddy.


If you fancy a dance or are just looking for a city pub with more vibe than just a boombox on repeat, we know what’s up. We’re rewriting the rules on this one.

On our Friday and Saturday nights, we’re soundtracked on ground floor by some of the city’s finest DJs. Finish the week with decades of hooks n’ rhythms every Friday from 7pm-2am, while our all-star, all-vinyl crew take over Saturday nights from 9pm-2am with deep grooves and big choruses. 

Saturday DJs include Gonz, Soup, Raffi, Makoto, Starski and many more.



You guys love a good roast, and don’t we know it. The Sunday roast tradition is all about getting cosy and stuck into a succulent piece of meat, topped with gravy and some delicious baked veggies. Of course, the perfect roast is shared with loved ones. The time taken to sit down and reconnect at the end of the week.

Very soon, Chef Daniel Lanza will have you covered with his Sunday roast platters to be shared. Stay tuned for more details.



We love to know where our Australian wine comes from and who it’s made by. The story of the winemaker, the history of the land, the nature of the ingredients, is all essential to the culmination of our wine list. But, we know it’s important to you too. Now we’re giving you a chance to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth with our Meet the Aussie Winemaker sessions, first Thursday of every month, upstairs from 5pm. 

We kicked off on August 4 with James Young from Torbreck wines, and on Thursday 1st September, we'll have the pleasure of hosting Alex Retief from A.Retief boutique vineyard.

Since inception in 2008, A.Retief has carved out a niche as a hand crafted, adventurous label that specialises in the cool climate regions of southern New South Wales.

Come along and share in Alex’s passion and taste some of his finest, no booking required. 

September 1: Alex from A.Retief wines (Southern NSW) 

October 6: Gwyneth from Briar Ridge Wines (Mount View NSW)

Be sure to check our Facebook events for more upcoming Meet the Aussie Winemaker sessions.

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